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Are you struggling to lose weight? Here's the solution

Le 21 avril 2015, 03:33 dans Beauté 0

Are you struggling to lose weight? Find out what could be tripping you up. Here are some of the most common weight loss traps and some quick fixes. Skipping breakfast Skipping breakfast can lead to unplanned and unhealthy mid-morning snacking or bingeing at lunchtime.Fix: go for breakfasts containing fibre, such as wholegrain bread or porridge.Skipping mealsSkipping any meal is a bad idea. It may reduce your calorie intake for a brief period, but you’ll be much hungrier later on and more...

How to tie a basic headwrap

Le 20 avril 2015, 03:25 dans Beauté 0

For a basic headwrap, you will need a scarf at least 75cm x 75cm (29.5in x 29.5in). For more elaborate styles, it needs to be 100cm x 100cm (39in x 39in). 1 Lay a square scarf flat, wrong side facing you. Fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle. 2 Place the scarf on your head with the folded edge about 2.5cm (1in) below your natural hairline and the point at the back. 3 Tie the ends into a double knot behind your head and over the triangle point (if you’re doing more than the basic headwrap...

Best Star Beauty Tips of All Time

Le 19 avril 2015, 01:54 dans Beauté 0

The holidays are a time for happiness, togetherness and memories. As the invites to cocktail parties and social gatherings roll in, we find ourselves wanting to look our best. It is always nicer to wow people with positive changes rather than wowing them with how aged we look. Besides exuding confidence and good cheer, which is key, I have included some beauty tips to help prepare for the season. A number of simple products and procedures impart an image of youth and vibrancy. When we look...

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